Five Money Saving Tips for Travel

Having an adventure and seeing something new is all the more important after spending the majority of this year cooped up indoors. However, travel can be expensive and you may be thinking a holiday abroad is not an option due to finances. With a few handy tips, you can travel and stay within a budget, here is how:

1. Plan off-peak trips. Everything from airfare, hotels and entertainment venues can be more expensive during Peak times of the year.

2. Bring your own food or snacks on a flight. As long as they are sealed and are not liquid, they can get through security.

3. Save on baggage fees. Why not pack light and wear your most bulky items on your travel days so they do not take up extra space in your luggage.

4. Use local communal transportation. Getting taxis from the airport to your hotel can be a huge chunk of money. Try planning your route so that you use a bus or train (depending on convenience and price) and also walking some of that journey so you can see more of your destination.

5. Don’t eat out for every meal! Try going to the local grocery stores and buying things like snacks, drinks or certain meals that you can have at your hotel. This will save SO much money.

Autumn Holiday in the Great Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, USA are an enjoyable and beautiful place to travel any time of year but the autumn feels even more magical and intimate. The weather is gorgeous and warm, with a cool breeze, the fall colours are incredible and the mood is relaxed.

The nice temperature make it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, zipling or just strolling the streets of downtown Gatlinburg. It is also typically the driest part of the year, with only the occasional rain shower.

October is usually the best for enjoying the fall foliage and wildlife. What better way to enjoy the views than by the Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway that takes you on a breath-taking 2.1-mile journey, over the trees along the mountainside.

There are several fun fall events including Harvest Festivals and Oktoberfest celebrations. This area is also very family friendly with a plethora of amusements and museums. Also, don’t forget to eat at one, or two, or three of the pancake houses that you will come across along the way.

A holiday in Pembrokeshire

The Uk is blessed with beautiful scenic locations like Cornwall and the Highlands, however, Pembrokeshire, offers plenty of charm and picturesque scenery, as well as stunning beaches. Pembrokeshire is littered with grand castles – some ruins, as well as some wonderfully preserved mansions – that remind us all of the forgotten times. It may be as far west as you can get in Wales, but the coast’s picture-postcard towns and villages have an identity like no other. You may even encounter tales of pirates and smuggling while there are so many stunning places to eat and drink, as well as venues to enjoy and attractions never to forget. Pembrokeshire has a bit of everything, so if you’re looking to holiday in the UK this year or perhaps next summer, Pembrokeshire is a fine choice.

What is so great about Lanzarote?

You have probably heard people heap praises on Lanzarote. It gets so much attention which hardly goes unnoticed. For instance, Lanzarote got considerable media coverage when the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, spent Easter with his family on the Island. So, what is so great about Lanzarote? Why do people like it so much? Why do tourists who have been there always want to revisit the island?

To start with, the island has great weather all-round the year. The average temperature of the sunny island is 22 degrees Celsius. This makes it conducive for sunbathing and swimming. The glamorous island whose unique geology fascinates tourists also boasts of spectacular volcanic landscapes with extraordinary rock formations. On the island, you get to visit places designed by great Cesar Manrique, a famous visionary architect, and environmentalist. One such place is his home which is built in a lava field.

The island can be described as an upmarket destination with eco-friendly places to stay. Such places offer unobstructed views of the landscape’s endless beauty.

Why you need to consider walking holidays in Italy

A trip to Italy is among many peoples’ list of places to visit at some point in their lives. A walking holiday through Italy will surely give you a chance to see many things that you would not see if you were stuck in a tour bus taking you around Italy without giving you the chance to mingle with the locals as you walk through the cities within Italy. Think of it this way you can go for a self-guided walking tour or go through the mapped out walking tour provided by the travel company of your choice.

Walking through great cities like Venice, Milan and Rome will give you a chance to take countless and superb photos of your tour, it will also give you plenty of time to interact with the locals, sample their cuisine and learn a thing or two about their culture and country. You can never be wrong by opting for a walking tour of a city or country you would really like to visit.

Are 3 days sufficient for a city break?

When you’re going on a city break, it’s quite normal to go for a ‘long weekend’, so perhaps you will have 3 full days to explore the city, but is that enough?

It does depend on how much of the city you want to see and of course, you can’t explore a whole city in the space of three days or even four or five. Well perhaps you could but you wouldn’t have much time to stop and think! So 3 days is probably enough if you already know the places are that you want to see and explore, and this is why it’s so important to create a plan of action before you go. You don’t exactly have to have the plan down on paper, but by doing a little research on the city, you can begin to look into activities and locations that peak your interests, and you will then get a taste for what you want to see and do. But yes, we believe that three days is just about perfect for a city break.

Would you go away at Christmas time?

With Christmas right around the corner now, many people are already thinking about putting their decorations up and spending time with family and friends in the comfort of their own home. That said, there will also be a number of Brits who are heading overseas for Christmas 2017, whether that’s to enjoy a spot of sun in the Bahamas or the snow slopes in a location like The Alps.

Going away for Christmas isn’t for everyone, and the majority of people stay at home for Christmas with their family and close friends, but with so many cheap last minute deals, even around Christmas time, it could be worth visiting a Christmas market in Europe or travelling to a beach location if you’re completely fed up with the feeling or the weather here in the UK. Let us know if you’re heading away for Christmas this year, and if you are what is prompting you to do so?

Top destinations in Thailand

If you are lucky enough to be able to explore south-east Asia, make sure these Thailand destinations are at the top of your list:

Koh Phangan- Although this island is known for its full moon, half moon, dark moon or any type of moon parties, it is also a very beautiful island with picturesque beaches. Hiring a moped is a must, and you can explore the entire island in a few days.

Koh Tao- The home of deep sea diving and chilled out lifestyle. Head here for a few days and sign up to do your diving course and see the stunning underwater world that Koh Tao has to offer. Relax on the beach in the evenings with a beer and watch the Thai men dance with fire.

Chiang Mai- A popular city in Thailand offering you amazing temples and spend some time learning about the Thai culture.

Pai- A place like no other, relax in a hammock or hang out in one of the many quirky coffee shops. Hire a moped and explore the mountains and the stunning views they have to offer, and dip into one of the famous rock pools to cool off from the sun.

Krabi & the islands- If you love beaches then head here to do some island hopping and see the beautiful views from the many stunning lookout points.

Managing your foreign money while travelling

Your next travelling adventure may include a mixture of different countries and currencies, that’s why planning your budget and amount of cash you need is so important.

Changing all of your travel money before you go will probably give you the best rates, however it isn’t wise to carry lots of cash around with you, as it is more likely to be stolen and of course difficult to keep track off.

The best thing is to exchange some currency for your first destination before you go, and then simply withdraw your money out of ATM’s as your go. One important thing to do before you set off is to inform your bank of your travel plans with date that you will enter and leave each country, that way you avoid getting your card blocked due to unusual activity.

When it comes to taking out cash withdrawals you shouldn’t take out too much at one time as you increase your risk of losing it or getting it stolen. It’s always better to lose a small amount rather than a large amount of cash. Always remember to carry your bank card in a separate place to where you keep your cash.

Make the beautiful highlands of Scotland your next holiday adventure

If you are after an adventurous holiday with breathtaking views, there is no need to travel far as a Scotland highland adventure may be the perfect holiday for you.  

Scotland is one of the top holiday attractions in the UK for foreigners, and that’s why every Brit needs to explore this beautiful country too. If you love chasing the sun, then perhaps this isn’t the right holiday for you, but for those seeking something a little different from their usual, grab your hiking boots and get ready for a fantastic adventure.

With so many scenic mountains and views in Scotland, there is always a reason to go for a long walk. Scotland is also home to some of the best seafood restaurants, whisky distilleries and unusual valleys. Driving around Scotland is your best option, as the winding roads are all part of the adventure, and it also gives you the freedom to explore as many places as you desire.

A highlands adventure doesn’t come cheap as accommodation and food can be a bit pricey, and that’s probably why so many of us opt for a summer holiday abroad. That said, the Scottish Highlands is a once in a lifetime adventure and can open your eyes to how beautiful the UK really is.