Tips When Considering a Canal Boating Holiday

Once COVID restrictions lift, one interesting holiday idea is canal boating! The great news is, you do not even have to have prior experience to hire a narrowboat! In the UK, one fifth of canal boat hirers are new to canal boating. When meeting other boats on the canal, stick to the right. The canal systems are the opposite of how we drive on the roads.

Canal Boating Tips

1. It is not required to have a licence to steer a canal boat as a tutorial is provided in many holiday packages, but you can also find the Canal Boaters Handbook video on Youtube.

2. To steer, push the tiller left to go right and right to go left. Then to stop, simply put the engine in reverse.

3. Be sure to use your horn to warn other canal boats that could be coming towards you at sharp bends or when entering a tunnel.

4. When using a lock, always ensure the steerer is on the boat to keep it forward of the cill (step) and share the lock with other boats if possible, to save water and share lock operation steps. Be sure to close all paddles and gates after using a lock, unless another boat is approaching.

2020: How Travel Has Changed

This year has been a roller-coaster of a year and not the best for the travel industry. You, like many others are probably on the edge of your seat in anticipation for the ease in travel restrictions again, which should happen within the next few months. As people start travelling more again, it is important to remember that many things have changed and will probably be this way for a while longer, so you need to be prepared.

Travel Tips

• Pack several, easily accessible masks as they are required in airports and planes.
• Have hand sanitiser to hand, no bigger than 100ml in carry on (anti-bac wipes can also go through security). Larger bottles can be packed in your checked luggage, inside of shoes, to avoid them being squashed.
• Empty water bottles can go through security and be filled pre-flight at contactless water fountains in many UK airports.
• Checking in online is mandatory for many airlines, so do not forget to do this before getting to the airport.
• Not all airports will have these available but for those that do, using self-service kiosks for printing bag tags can help avoid queues.
• Sanitise hands before and especially after security.
• Another thing you can do is use the terminal toilets just before boarding to try and avoid plane toilets.
• Listen to airport announcements as boarding could be much different.
• Anti-bac armrests, tray tables, tvs and seat belts on board.
• There may be reduced food and drink on offer, so be prepared.
• Air filtration of planes has been upgraded to remove 99.9% of dust, fungi, moisture, bacteria and viruses. So please feel free to breath normally.

Five Money Saving Tips for Travel

Having an adventure and seeing something new is all the more important after spending the majority of this year cooped up indoors. However, travel can be expensive and you may be thinking a holiday abroad is not an option due to finances. With a few handy tips, you can travel and stay within a budget, here is how:

1. Plan off-peak trips. Everything from airfare, hotels and entertainment venues can be more expensive during Peak times of the year.

2. Bring your own food or snacks on a flight. As long as they are sealed and are not liquid, they can get through security.

3. Save on baggage fees. Why not pack light and wear your most bulky items on your travel days so they do not take up extra space in your luggage.

4. Use local communal transportation. Getting taxis from the airport to your hotel can be a huge chunk of money. Try planning your route so that you use a bus or train (depending on convenience and price) and also walking some of that journey so you can see more of your destination.

5. Don’t eat out for every meal! Try going to the local grocery stores and buying things like snacks, drinks or certain meals that you can have at your hotel. This will save SO much money.

Autumn Holiday in the Great Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, USA are an enjoyable and beautiful place to travel any time of year but the autumn feels even more magical and intimate. The weather is gorgeous and warm, with a cool breeze, the fall colours are incredible and the mood is relaxed.

The nice temperature make it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, zipling or just strolling the streets of downtown Gatlinburg. It is also typically the driest part of the year, with only the occasional rain shower.

October is usually the best for enjoying the fall foliage and wildlife. What better way to enjoy the views than by the Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway that takes you on a breath-taking 2.1-mile journey, over the trees along the mountainside.

There are several fun fall events including Harvest Festivals and Oktoberfest celebrations. This area is also very family friendly with a plethora of amusements and museums. Also, don’t forget to eat at one, or two, or three of the pancake houses that you will come across along the way.