Travel advice: buying a waterproof cover for your backpack

Whether you are out on a big adventure, maybe hiking, camping or simply commuting to school or work, at certain given times, you’ll probably need a waterproof cover for your backpack. This comes in handy especially when it’s raining. The waterproof covers are also ideal as repellents to water, fog, snow and sand; hence why it’s important to keep your backpack safe, clean and dry.

Consider the following features when buying waterproof covers:

The material it’s made from

Most waterproof covers are made from nylon on the outside and a water repellent material on the inner lining. It will most likely be indicated on the product details.

Wear resistance and durability

Choose a waterproof cover that has a thicker material that can last longer and is more resistant to wear and tear.


Ensure that you thoroughly examine the cover size before purchase, making sure that it perfectly fits your backpack even with the adjustable belt in place.