Managing your foreign money while travelling

Your next travelling adventure may include a mixture of different countries and currencies, that’s why planning your budget and amount of cash you need is so important.

Changing all of your travel money before you go will probably give you the best rates, however it isn’t wise to carry lots of cash around with you, as it is more likely to be stolen and of course difficult to keep track off.

The best thing is to exchange some currency for your first destination before you go, and then simply withdraw your money out of ATM’s as your go. One important thing to do before you set off is to inform your bank of your travel plans with date that you will enter and leave each country, that way you avoid getting your card blocked due to unusual activity.

When it comes to taking out cash withdrawals you shouldn’t take out too much at one time as you increase your risk of losing it or getting it stolen. It’s always better to lose a small amount rather than a large amount of cash. Always remember to carry your bank card in a separate place to where you keep your cash.