Are 3 days sufficient for a city break?

When you’re going on a city break, it’s quite normal to go for a ‘long weekend’, so perhaps you will have 3 full days to explore the city, but is that enough?

It does depend on how much of the city you want to see and of course, you can’t explore a whole city in the space of three days or even four or five. Well perhaps you could but you wouldn’t have much time to stop and think! So 3 days is probably enough if you already know the places are that you want to see and explore, and this is why it’s so important to create a plan of action before you go. You don’t exactly have to have the plan down on paper, but by doing a little research on the city, you can begin to look into activities and locations that peak your interests, and you will then get a taste for what you want to see and do. But yes, we believe that three days is just about perfect for a city break.