What is so great about Lanzarote?

You have probably heard people heap praises on Lanzarote. It gets so much attention which hardly goes unnoticed. For instance, Lanzarote got considerable media coverage when the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, spent Easter with his family on the Island. So, what is so great about Lanzarote? Why do people like it so much? Why do tourists who have been there always want to revisit the island?

To start with, the island has great weather all-round the year. The average temperature of the sunny island is 22 degrees Celsius. This makes it conducive for sunbathing and swimming. The glamorous island whose unique geology fascinates tourists also boasts of spectacular volcanic landscapes with extraordinary rock formations. On the island, you get to visit places designed by great Cesar Manrique, a famous visionary architect, and environmentalist. One such place is his home which is built in a lava field.

The island can be described as an upmarket destination with eco-friendly places to stay. Such places offer unobstructed views of the landscape’s endless beauty.