Affordable Ski Destinations in Europe

With many areas reopening or easing Coronavirus restrictions, you may be thinking of a ski holiday.  Here are a few of the cheaper options.

If you avoid the commercialised places in France and Switzerland, skiing in Europe is one of the most affordable areas to ski. 

Willingen in Germany has a one-day ski lift price across Europe at just €34 (at time of writing) with 18 downhill runs, with the longest being a mile.

Harrachov in the Czech Republic, which is just 2 hours from Prague, has a one-day ski lift price of $24.  Two lifts and a rope tow serve the five main runs.  These are long runs, and a cross-country ski course is available.

Our final destination is Borovets in Bulgaria.  This is Bulgaria’s oldest ski resort and dates back to the 1800s.  One day’s use of the ski lift will cost €35, and you can start skiing from an altitude of 1390 meters.