Saving money on flights by booking them last minute

If you are backpacking around the globe or are looking for a spare of the moment get-away, booking your flights a couple of days before you want to take off could save you money. There are many companies that compare flight prices with many different airlines, all you have to do is enter your destination, your departure location and the dates you want to fly, and they will show you all the flight prices and the cheapest fares available.

The prices shown do not include any added extras, so if you need to add check-in luggage, or add a meal or seat selection you may have to pay a little bit extra.

The great thing for backpackers is that by not booking flights in advance, you gain flexibility with your travels. You may find you like a particular place more than you expected and wish to stay their longer, by not having a flight date to leave by you open yourself up to more spare of the moment adventures.

Travel advice: buying a waterproof cover for your backpack

Whether you are out on a big adventure, maybe hiking, camping or simply commuting to school or work, at certain given times, you’ll probably need a waterproof cover for your backpack. This comes in handy especially when it’s raining. The waterproof covers are also ideal as repellents to water, fog, snow and sand; hence why it’s important to keep your backpack safe, clean and dry.

Consider the following features when buying waterproof covers:

The material it’s made from

Most waterproof covers are made from nylon on the outside and a water repellent material on the inner lining. It will most likely be indicated on the product details.

Wear resistance and durability

Choose a waterproof cover that has a thicker material that can last longer and is more resistant to wear and tear.


Ensure that you thoroughly examine the cover size before purchase, making sure that it perfectly fits your backpack even with the adjustable belt in place.

Importance of getting the right vaccinations before you travel.

International travel is not just fun – it is a fantastic way to grow as a person and to experience cultures and individuals who are very different from your own. But there are dangers involved in international travel, especially when it involves travelling to areas that do not have a developed medical infrastructure. The last thing you want is for a medical emergency to come up while you are 5000 miles away from the nearest hospital. Travel Doctor has been providing information, advice and medical service to those intending to visit, and is now one of the largest individual suppliers of travel medical services across the globe.

Finding a travel doctor to provide you with the right vaccinations for your trip is essential. You need to find a clinic with a good reputation in this field, and should have many years of experience in dealing with health and medicine when it comes to international travel concerns. Whether you are a solo adventure traveller, a family on an international holiday or an organiser of a group you can quickly find out any information on health threats in countries that you are traveling too, and look over any recommended vaccinations. There is nothing worse than getting sick halfway through a trip.

Travel clinics should also be able to give you great advice about maintaining a chronic health condition and individual areas of concern when you go overseas as well as providing information on health facilities where you travel; they have partners in many countries across the globe and can liaise with them in the case that something should go wrong. When it comes to going overseas, education is a major part of staying healthy. Things such as tips on how to avoid insect bites, location specific advice on local diseases and problems, and of course don’t forget the vaccines. The two most common diseases for overseas travel are Malaria and Yellow Fever.